New Things: recipes

It is the middle of September and the fall semester is in full swing. We have all been very busy here in our house, preparing for various exams, “real life” (what’s that?), and working on research and research papers. Amidst the craziness, however, I have found a little time to do something other than read textbooks and pretend to write papers.

Jen alluded, in her about section, to the existence of a Google spreadsheet in which the three of us wrote various blog ideas. My list mostly consisted of various local mini-adventures and opportunities for learning (apart from grad school). After weeks of thinking about it, I have decided I am not going to focus on any one particular thing (i.e. a certain type of adventure or book to read). I am, however, going to pick a “theme”: try new things.

I very often get stuck doing the same things and eating the same foods all the time, even at restaurants. Sometimes, I like to try new things; however, I often need encouragement to do so. So, what better encouragement than telling all of you about it?

So, over the next year, I plan to try new foods/dishes, try some new exercises (at the A&M Rec Center), and leave my comfort zone (I’m still working on what exactly the last one will look like; if you know me well, you might be able to give me suggestions).

To begin with something light, I tried two new recipes: one meal and one dessert. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures, but I’ll link you to the recipes (where there are pictures).

My aunt linked me to the “Paleo on a Budget” blog and there I found some (healthy) meals that looked good (and easy to make – a plus!). I settled on the Easy Chicken + Spinach (it even has “easy” in its name). True to its name, it was easy and it involved chicken and spinach. If you like both of those, I recommend it. I enjoyed it and will probably make it again.

A high school friend, Kristine, suggested I try to make zucchini brownies. I prefer to eat mostly gluten-free as I feel better when I’m not eating a lot of gluten, so I searched for a gluten-free version and found a recipe for Flourless Zucchini Brownies. My sister loves to bake, so I enlisted her help labor and she made them for me. They were awesome and I’ll probably make them myself sometime.

That’s all for now, folks. I must get back to reading and researching.

If you have any recipes, exercises, or other ideas of things for me to try, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Have a fabulous weekend.


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